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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Interview with the Infosec Institute

The folks over at the Infosec Network have recently started doing interviews with security researchers. They have interviewed some real rock stars so far ([Charlie Miller], [HD Moore], [Joanna Rutkowska], [David Litchfield], [Matthieu Suiche], [Dan Kaminsky], and [Jeremiah Grossman] ) so i was pretty flattered when they asked me..

My interview is up [here] complete with dodgy photo and embarrassingly bad answers..

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  1. Sorry.. I have had a few emails (and tweets) pointing out that this interview is not currently live on the infosecinstitute site.
    It is not currently live, because i (and other researchers) requested that the interviews be removed. The infosecinstitute is currently involved in a legal tussle with the folks at corelan ( over plagiarism claims. (corelan material included in infosecinstitute courseware.)
    Plagiarism is a blight on this industry, and most of us requested that our interviews be removed until this matter is amicably resolved.


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