BlackHat 2015 - Bring back the HoneyPots

This year we gave a talk at BlackHat titled: Bring back the Honeypots. You can grab a quickly annotated version of the slides from [here]

As usual, we had waaaaaay more content than time (which should have been expected with about 142 slides and multiple demos) but we like to live dangerously..

The linked slides are annotated, so you should be able to gather the gist of our thoughts, but some of them (especially the demos) do require their own coverage. Over the next few days, we will aim to put out 3 quick posts to cover the three sections in the talk:

As always, shout if you have thoughts, questions or comments.


  1. When will you release the videos
    also can we get at least the demos?


  2. yes, show us the honey.
    otherwise we'll have to wait for the drip-feed from

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