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Simple Graphs with Arbor.js

We recently released a tool at to capture and collect infosec conference details. We commented on it [ here ]. One of the cooler components of it, is the ability to view the relationships between speakers/researchers who have collaborated. This post is a quick introduction to the library we used to build our graphs, with enough info to get you up and running in minutes.

ThinkstScapes (Quarter One Recap)

In February this year we launched ThinkstScapes as a Security Intelligence subscription service. It was originally aimed chiefly at adding context & clarity to newly published research and conference proceedings . The subscription also catered for periodic updates and commentary via "Ad Hoc" updates. We just wrapped Quarter-1, so figured a quick round-up of Q1 would make sense. Interestingly the adhoc updates turned out to be quite popular with customers (forcing us to pay far more attention to them) and in 3 months we ended up distributing four of them. Our next Ad Hoc is currently in the oven, so should be hitting customer inboxes soon. Subscribers so far have received: HBGary, Anonymous & Lessons for the Rest of Us PWN2OWN - What it Means to You ComodoGate, SSL & Iran Verizon DBIR-2011 & You Quarter-1: Research & Conference Round Up It's been well received (and at just $8k per year we think it's awesome value). If you are interest

Cyberwar, Stuxnet and people in Glass Houses

I wrote a piece for Al Jazeera on cyber-war, asymmetry and the recent news around possible military reprisal for cyber attacks. You can read the full piece [ online here. ]

iTried Update (oops)

*oops* We forgot to mention that we updated iTried in the App Store. (iTried is the tiny app that takes a photograph on your Mac whenever the screensaver is disturbed). The new version will allow you to post the pic to twitter whenever it takes one (or whenever it can) which gives you 2 cute possibilities: The ability to remotely see who has been at your Mac The all important ability to track you own haircut over time ;> Check it out on the [ App Store ]