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BlackHat according to Twitter

For the first time in a decade I didn't attend BlackHat USA in Las Vegas. I learned that South Africa in August is much colder than i recalled, but also had the chance to observe the conference from through a twitter-lense. It seemed as if there was more talk about parties, than content so I decided to grab all the tweets i could (#blackhat through the twitter search API) to do some simple grouping*. Whats clear straight off is that my intuition was wrong. Although party talk makes up a significant percent of all tweets, tweets about "talks & training" clearly dominate. (This possibly means that i need to start following a better class of hax0r) A quick explanation of the grouping (which was done pretty coarsely): Talks & Training : Tweets related to a talk (or training session) Misc : (General catch-all for tweets about coffee / *) Spam : People who stole the hashtag to push traffic to their own site (used by quite a few big name vendors to draw traffic to