Penetration Testing considered harmful today

Early last year we presented at 44con with a talk titled: “Penetration Testing considered harmful today“. 44con have just released the video so we figured it was worth a quick recap (for anyone not willing to tolerate the whiny voice!) The original slides (in PDF) are available (here) The central thesis of the talk is that penetration testing has established itself as a necessary activity for securing a network and is now pushed forward by a multi million dollar industry despite

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Penetration Testing considered Harmful Today

(This talk was given at 44Con in London (2010)) Brief details on it can be found here. The point of the next four slides is merely to establish some sort of credibility. Essentially it’s to try and establish that when I talk about pen testing, I do actually have some background in it. This is the central thesis of the talk, and I’ll try to explain why I believe this is true..  In 2010 we wrote a blog post titled

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