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On anti-patterns for ICT security and international law

(Guest Post by  @marasawr ) Author’s note : international law is hard, and these remarks are extremely simplified. Thinkst recently published a thought piece on the theme of ' A Geneva Convention, for software. '[1] Haroon correctly anticipated that I'd be a wee bit crunchy about this particular 'X for Y' anti-pattern, but probably did not anticipate a serialised account of diplomatic derpitude around information and communications technologies (ICT) in international law over the past twenty years. Apparently there is a need for this, however, because this anti-pattern is getting out of hand. Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith published early in 2017 on ' The need for a digital Geneva Convention ,' and again in late October on ' What the founding of the Red Cross can teach us about cyber warfare. '[2] In both cases, equivalences are drawn between perturbations in the integrity or availability of digital services, and th