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A Week with Saumil (aka "The ARM Exploit Laboratory")

Last month we downed tools for a week as we hosted a private, on-site version of the well regarded  “ARM Exploit Laboratory” (by Saumil Shah). The class is billed as “a practical hands-on approach to exploit development on ARM based systems” and Saumil is world respected, delivering versions of the class at conferences like 44con, Recon and Blackhat for years. It.absolutely.delivered! With a quick refresher on ARM assembly and system programming on day-1, by day-2 everyone in the class was fairly comfortable writing their own shellcode on ARM. By the end of day-3 everyone was comfortable converting their payloads to ROP gadgets and by day-4 everybody had obtained reverse shells on emulated systems and actual vulnerable routers and IP-Cameras. Without any false modesty, this is due to Saumil's skill as an educator much more than anything else. Pre-Class Preparation While our Canary is used by security teams the world over, many people in the team have backgrounds in development (