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(Better) Canary Alerts in Slack

One of the things that surprise new Canary customers, is that we don't try particularly hard to keep customers looking at their consoles. ( In fact, an early design goal for Canary was to make sure that our users didn't spend much time using our console at all ). We make sure that the console is pretty, and is functional but we aren't trying to become a customer's "one pane of glass". We want the Canaries deployed and then strive to get out of your way. You decide where your alerts should go (email, SMS, API, webhooks, Syslog, SIEM app), set up your birds, and then don't visit your console again until a Canary chirps.. We have hundreds of customers who never login to their consoles after the initial setup, and we're perfectly happy with this. Their alerts go to their destination of choice and that's what matters. Of these, dozens and dozens of customers rely heavily on getting their alerts piped into a Slack channel of their choice.