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Some OpenCanary Updates

As a company, we are pretty huge fans of Open Source software. We use FLOSS extensively in our production stack and we make sure to give back where we can. One of the ways we do this, is by making our Canarytokens & OpenCanary projects open source and free to download. People needing Canarytokens can use the free hosted instance we run at , or they are free to download the docker images to run on their own networks. Literally hundreds of thousands of tokens have been generated online and the docker images have been pretty widely deployed too. Our paid Canary customers get their own hosted tokens server, the ability to trivially customize it, as well as some tokens that have not been ported over to the free-server yet. The relationship between OpenCanary(left) and Canary(right) is less clear. Marco and I recently spoke at LinuxConfZa where we discussed this. In the buildup to the talk, we added some new features to OpenCanary (mostly by backp