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Developing a full stack… of Skyballs

We like solving problems. Sometimes, we make up new ones so we can solve them . Skyball Pyramids are one such case! Last year we discovered these amazing Skyballs and decided to make them a regular feature at our conference booths.  Canary Skyballs They have just the right amount of heft and weight to make them genuinely fun to play with. Of course, this leaves us with the devilish problem of how to display them... At Infosec Europe 2018, some of our team attempted to stack them in a pyramid shape. The problem : Skyballs do not like to be stacked. In fact, they like to roll all over the place uncontrollably, frustrating the person that is attempting to stack them. Exhibit A Exhibit B Note the use of Canary-green duct tape in an attempt to keep them in place.  So, as RSAC 2019 was approaching we needed a better solution; something that was simple, yet effective. (We could have simply taken a bowl, but have you ever tried to fly with a bowl in yo