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One Month with Thinkst

Recently, I was faced with a career dilemma. Go back to the enterprise and be a CISO Take a gig that would be part research, part bizdev A research and writing gig Consulting/Advisory work Join another vendor SPOILER: I chose the last one… but why? Why Thinkst? Thinkst Applied Research is the company behind the popular Canary product. Though they started off as more of a research firm that would build various products, the Canary product took off and has become their primary focus. They are a moderately-sized company of enthusiastic industry veterans, developers and engineers that love to learn and try new things. They’ve managed a sort of startup nirvana: bootstrapped with a popular product that customers openly love and a great company culture. When Haroon pitched me the idea of joining to help out, I was immediately flattered, excited and skeptical. I knew Canaries were wildly successful. It’s kinda hard to ignore . Especially hard to ignore when you’re wor