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HackWeek 2019

Last week team Thinkst downed tools again for our bi-annual HackWeek. The rules of HackWeek are straightforward: Make Stuff; Learn; Have fun. We discussed HackWeek briefly last year : Our HackWeek parameters are simple: We down tools on all but the most essential work (primarily anything customer-facing) and instead scope and build something. The project absolutely does not have to be work-related, and people can work individually or in teams. The key deadline is a 10-minute demo on the Friday afternoon. The demos are in front of the rest of the team, and results count more than intentions. We pride ourselves on being a "learning organization" and HackWeek is one of the things that help make that happen. It's always awesome seeing a software-developer solder their first board or seeing someone non-technical write their first lines of python. Project highlights this year:  Az used the SimH simulator  to run an obscure Soviet Mainframe (the BESM-6 ):