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Why control matters

In March we moved from Groove to Zendesk - with this migration our Knowledge Base (KB) moved also. The challenge we faced was name-spacing - KB articles hosted on Groove were in the name-space , but the namespace /knowledge* is reserved on Zendesk and is not available for our use. This forced us to migrate all KB pages to new URLs and update the cross-references between articles.  This addressed the user experience when one lands at our KB portal  by clicking a valid URL or when typing in a browser. What isn’t resolved though, is thousands of Canaries in the field that have URLs now pointing to the old namespace. We design Canary to be dead simple, but realise that users may sometimes look for assistance. To this end, the devices will often offer simple “What is this?” links in the interface that will lead a user to a discussion on the feature. With the move (and with Zendesk stealing the na