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A “Safety Net” for AWS Canarytokens

The AWS API Key Canarytoken (paid and free) is a great way to detect attackers who have compromised your infrastructure. The full details are in a previous blogpost , but in short:  You go to and generate a set of valid AWS API credentials; Simply leave those in ~/.aws/config on a machine that's important to you Done! If that machine is ever breached, the sort of attackers who keep you up at night will look for AWS API credentials, and they will try them.  And when they do, we let you know that you’ve been breached. When you receive an email/SMS/Slack message letting you know that the AWS API key that you left only on BuildServer-7 in Server-room #12 just got used to login to AWS, you know you have a problem.  The underlying Canarytoken infrastructure relies on AWS APIs logging their own execution to CloudTrail. This lets us identify: which IP made the call; which API was executed (including both the service name and function); plus other details about

Canary Rice Toss

To see a World in a Grain of  Sand  Rice  - William Blake mh  If you are on TikTok (or a fan of talk shows ) at the moment then, no doubt, your feed has included coloured rice being tossed in the air in the form of song lyrics, beloved cartoon characters, and even famous faces. @mr.riceguy Whilst coloured rice is not a new thing (for most preschool teachers, it is a cheap and effective way to keep kids entertained), a bunch of TikTok-ers have made a living off turning this simple play-thing into a full-on career. And, obviously, when a current trend is well-suited to our logo, we have to give it a go. Here’s how we got there: What we used Rice Our whole logo only needed 500g, however, we needed a few attempts to get it right and ended up using about 3kg. White rice is reusable, a jumble of multi-coloured rice, not so much… Food colouring Vinegar 1 teaspoon per cup of rice Large (relatively stiff) rice tossing surface We used a shelf from our cupboard… How we did it We started by colou