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Canary Rice Toss

To see a World in a Grain of  Sand  Rice  - William Blake mh  If you are on TikTok (or a fan of talk shows ) at the moment then, no doubt, your feed has included coloured rice being tossed in the air in the form of song lyrics, beloved cartoon characters, and even famous faces. @mr.riceguy Whilst coloured rice is not a new thing (for most preschool teachers, it is a cheap and effective way to keep kids entertained), a bunch of TikTok-ers have made a living off turning this simple play-thing into a full-on career. And, obviously, when a current trend is well-suited to our logo, we have to give it a go. Here’s how we got there: What we used Rice Our whole logo only needed 500g, however, we needed a few attempts to get it right and ended up using about 3kg. White rice is reusable, a jumble of multi-coloured rice, not so much… Food colouring Vinegar 1 teaspoon per cup of rice Large (relatively stiff) rice tossing surface We used a shelf from our cupboard… How we did it We started by colou