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Creating REST API Canary endpoints

Given the importance of REST API endpoints for most networks and applications, we wanted a way to use (existing) Canarytokens, or Canaries to detect unauthorized access to a REST API. (Like all things Canary) We wanted something easy to use that delivers immediate value. Here we present several new approaches, and look forward to hearing from the community on the usefulness and ways to increase insight here for network defenders.   Challenge:  APIs are everywhere and permeate most organization's daily web based workflows. Both internal and external services often rely on the use of REST APIs. From workstation management to web applications, from complex business logic and application integrations, to payment processing services, APIs form a backbone for all kinds of crucial services.  It started us thinking, how we might be able to create and use Canaries and Canaryokens to catch or detect unauthorized REST API endpoint or key usage? Our end goal would be for teams to receive an al