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ZaCon2 & Fig Leaf Security

This weekend we held our 2nd ever ZaCon , The Conference in need of a tagline! ZaCon aims specifically at growing the South African InfoSec Research scene by giving locals a place to teach, learn and grow. The talk had people flying in from Durban, CapeTown and even Grahamstown, and almost doubled last year's attendance. If nothing else, The coffee service was an unmistakable win! My talk this year was called "Fig Leaf Security", and was aimed at saying some of the things that we generally dont like saying (about the industry in general, and about ourselves in particular). You can catch the talk [ here ] and can watch the rest of the ZaCon Album [ here ] I went into the talk expecting it to generate some hate, but most of the feedback so far has been really positive [1|2|3]. Feel free to drop me an email or msg @haroonmeer on twitter to let me know why im wrong.. /mh [1] @nitesh_dhanjani : Watch this talk by @haroonmeer if you are in the infosec industr

Cute (if nothing else) OSX Application..

iTried is a quick little utility I wrote while testing something. It sits on your menubar, and shows you the photograph of the last person who disturbed your screensaver (ie. tried to login).   You can read more about it (and download it (free)) [ here ]

You have to love attention to detail...

It's pretty common for people to hate Apple and to pick on the apple-tax , but then you spot something like this and you just have to smile (that special blend of fanboy smile!). The standard icon for textpad is clearly a text pad with a pen. I was looking into icons, and ended up maximizing the text pad icon. (click for full size) The quote was heavily used during early Apple commercials, but like many things Apple, it's just the attention to detail thats awesome!