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Etsy shows established companies the way..

Fred Wilson over at wrote a piece on the Etsy offices (in 2010) titled: " The office matters " In it he explained how " They are getting the best talent in NYC to come to their company " and commented on the importance of paying " attention to the office and the culture " of a company. Around the same time I had written a piece titled " Cargo Cult Startups " in which i posited that too many companies were faking startup culture, keeping draconian productivity-killing rules in place while plastering their offices with beanbags and nerf guns. I still maintain that copying Etsy's office style is not sufficient to inject Etsy-style-startup-magic into a company. But.. I recently came across a job-ad from Etsy which strikes me as completely awesome, start-uppy and yet completely stealable by established companies. ie. I think if a company was going to copy something that could actually help their business, it should be related to