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Introducing Consli, easy scheduling and feedback for conference organisers and attendees

The number of security conferences shows no signs of slowing down, feeding an ever-growing appetite for talks, presentations and content . If you're anything like us, both attending and speaking at conferences is part and parcel of your job, even if it's one event per year. In the absence of publication channels available in other disciplines such as good quality journals, security researchers have the option of blog posts, ezines such as Phrack, mailing lists or conferences. Many choose to go to conferences. It's a source of regular wonder that computing/IT conferences are still so heavily paper-based. Your conference pack is typically a sheaf of papers that includes, at a minimum, a schedule and a set of feedback forms. They lead to a few headaches for both attendees and organisers. Larger events have schedules where multiple talks happen in parallel. Planning my conference day involves circling talks I want to see, changing my mind, scratching out talks, circling ot