Cyberwar – Why your threat model is probably wrong!

(CCDCOE / June 2010) My original brief was to talk on how i would go about attacking a modern connected state. I noticed that Charlie (Miller) was covering this topic, so opted to go another route. For this talk my point is simply to point out, that there are probably some big holes in your current threat model. I’m from South Africa, and although WGN News sees very little difference between South America and South Africa, they are different places.

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ThinkstScapes on Risky.Biz

We spent a bit of time on Patrick Grays excellent Risky.Biz this week, to talk about our ThinkstScapes service. We have been running ThinkstScapes for about 4 years now, and (so far) have never had a cancellation yet. (We take this to mean that people generally like it!) As part of the show, we gave away a free issue of the 2nd Quarter Research Roundup Issue for 2014. If you are not a subscriber, you can grab your [free copy

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