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Unicorns, Startups and Hosted Email

A few days ago, @jack (currently the CEO of both Square && Twitter) posted a pic of his iPhone. [ original tweet ]  It struck me as slightly surprising that both Square & Twitter could be using Gmail. Both companies have a ton of talent who deeply understand message delivery and message queues. I wouldn't be at all surprised if both companies have people working there who worked on Sendmail or Postfix. On some levels, twitter competes with Google.. ( if Google Pay is a thing, then so does Square ). Of course this is one of those times when you see a classic mismatch between " paranoid security guy " thinking, and " scale quick Silicon Valley " thinking. The paranoid security guy thinks: "So every time a twitter executive sends an email, people at Google can read it?" while the SV entrepreneur says: "It isn't core.. lets not spend engineering time on it at all". I'm not going to make a call here on which