Good Pain vs. Bad Pain

aka: You know it’s supposed to hurt, you just don’t know which kind of hurt is the good kind One of the common problems when people start lifting weights (or doing CrossFit) is that they inadvertently overdo it. Why don’t they stop when it hurts? Because everyone knows it’s supposed to hurt. Hypertrophy is the goal, so the pain is part of the deal… right? Pain, Guaranteed In an old interview on the rise of Twitter, Ev Williams said something

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They see me rolling (back)

Moving backward is a feature too! We go through a lot of pain to make sure that Canary deployments are quick and painless. It’s worth remembering that even though the deployment happened in minutes, a bunch of stuff has happened in the background. (Your bird created a crypto key-pair, exchanged the public key with your console, and registered itself as one of your birds). From that point on, all communication between your bird and your console is encrypted (with a

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