Considering an RSAC Expo booth? Our Experience, in 5,000 words or less

Introduction Thinkst’ers have spoken at a heap of security conferences across careers spanning decades, and yet last year (2017) was the first time any of us actually attended RSAC (, when I attended the expo (almost accidentally). At the time I was surprised by a bunch of things, from its insane size to the bizarre vendor shenanigans. As I walked the expo floor I asked an array of vendors if they felt the show was worth it for them. The

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A third party view on the security of the Canaries

(Guest post by Ollie Whitehouse) tl;dr Thinkst engaged NCC Group to perform a third party assessment of the security of their Canary appliance. The Canaries came out of the assessment well. When compared in a subjective manner to the vast majority of embedded devices and/or security products we have assessed and researched over the last 18 years they were very good. Who is NCC Group and who am I? Firstly, it is prudent to introduce myself and the company I

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Sandboxing: a dig into building your security pit

Introduction Sandboxes are a good idea. Whether it’s improving kids’ immune systems, or isolating your apps from the rest of the system, sandboxes just make sense. Despite their obvious benefits, they are still relatively uncommon. We think this is because they are still relatively obscure for most developers and hope this post will fix that. Sandboxes? What’s that? Software sandboxes isolate a process from the rest of the system, constraining the process’ access to the parts of the system that it

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