Conference on Cyber Conflict – Slides..

The CCDCOE (Cooperative Cyber DefenceCentre of Excellence) held its Conference on Cyber Conflict in Tallinn, Estonia. It was an interesting opportunity to see some of the issues that lurk beneath the “CyberWar” banner. Charlie Miller (of pwn2own fame) and i were invited to talk about things from an attackers perspective. Both our talks avoid the question of “Is the threat real?” (Which i think was answered awesomely by the talk given by Bryan Krekel and George Bakos of Northrop Grumman),

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200 Young South Africans you must take to Lunch

The Mail & Guardian published their 2010 list of “200 Young South Africans you must take to Lunch“. According to their page: “These are young people who will shape our country in the decades to come, in the sporting arena, in public life and in business.” I made the list under Technology, which was really quite flattering. (thanks M&G, @singe) Deels forced me to attend the lunch (which i would normally have found an excuse to avoid), and i was

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