Conference on Cyber Conflict - Slides..

The CCDCOE (Cooperative Cyber Defence
Centre of Excellence) held its Conference on Cyber Conflict in Tallinn, Estonia.

It was an interesting opportunity to see some of the issues that lurk beneath the "CyberWar" banner.

Charlie Miller (of pwn2own fame) and i were invited to talk about things from an attackers perspective. Both our talks avoid the question of "Is the threat real?" (Which i think was answered awesomely by the talk given by Bryan Krekel and George Bakos of Northrop Grumman), and instead focused on "stuff we know!"

I had 30 minutes (which isn't really enough to go too deeply into a topic). My slides (with some notes) can be found here.



  1. awesome, thanks for posting mh :>
    did they video at the con, and will they be making video available?

  2. heya!

    They were video'ing, but im not sure if its for release. Ill check and post an update here..


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