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What Anonymous taught us about Cyber War

I wrote a piece on Cyber War, and what the recent HBGary breach teaches us about the current landscape. While I still feel bad for anyone who has their mail spool exposed to the world, the HBGary mails give us an interesting insight into a part of the world seldom seen by all. Check it out [ here ]

Our Upcoming Security Apocalypse!

(This Post was written for ITWeb for the Upcoming ITWeb Security Conference) A security guy talking about impending doom. How rare! Except I'm not talking about the next Botnet, virus or nuclear reactor destroying worm, I'm talking about the crisis of confidence that’s heading our way, and the fact that we seem completely oblivious to its arrival. We (in the field) have been building a house of cards, and some day really soon it's going to come down around us. 10 years ago, the Infosec industry was in its infancy and we complained bitterly about the lack of management buy-in while we struggled to justify our existence in the corporate hierarchy. In the mid 90's we started getting taken seriously. Firewalls and security policies became a part of the corporate lexicon and security teams grew in size. For a while it seemed like the game had equalized, our efforts matched the threats of the day, but the threats of the day were pranksters and kids. We cried "Mission