What Anonymous taught us about Cyber War

I wrote a piece on Cyber War, and what the recent HBGary breach teaches us about the current landscape. While I still feel bad for anyone who has their mail spool exposed to the world, the HBGary mails give us an interesting insight into a part of the world seldom seen by all. Check it out [here]


  1. Very impressed and glad to learn about this. Won't see this in mainstream media, or perhaps we can get this into the public's eye. A saw it was published in http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/opinion/2011/03/20113981026464808.html

    I was introduced to Anonymous when they first appeared to stand up against the cult of Scientology. Thousands of people being mobilized in the streets to protest, and the cult couldn't threaten most because they protested in Guy Fawkes masks (pictured above).

    Good piece. It deserves much more attention. I just tweeted it, posted it on linkedin and facebook.

    Steve Hassan (freedomofmind.com)

  2. Came here from your Al Jazeera piece--thanks for the mapping of historical developments (stange to say that about such recent events) and insights into the main players in the struggle.

  3. Brilliant piece.


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