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(ComputerSecurity) Conference Collecting

We wanted to quickly announce the availability of ( a resource in need of it's own domain & a better name .) CC is a simple application that aims to give us a single point where one can search and browse infosec conference talks and materials*. Quick Overview One of the cool things about having all of this data in a central db is that we are just as easily able to search by topic ( ) as we are by speaker ( ) Finding a speaker we are interested in, allows us to see all the talks (we know about) he has given ( ) And also allows us to get a good overview of his public research timeline ( ) One of the "funner" things is the ability to see who the speaker has previously (publicly) collaborated with ( ) This allows you t

Interview with the Infosec Institute

The folks over at the Infosec Network have recently started doing interviews with security researchers. They have interviewed some real rock stars so far ([ Charlie Miller ], [ HD Moore ], [ Joanna Rutkowska ], [ David Litchfield ], [ Matthieu Suiche ], [ Dan Kaminsky ], and [ Jeremiah Grossman ] ) so i was pretty flattered when they asked me.. My interview is up [ here ] complete with dodgy photo and embarrassingly bad answers..