Interview with the Infosec Institute

The folks over at the Infosec Network have recently started doing interviews with security researchers. They have interviewed some real rock stars so far ([Charlie Miller], [HD Moore], [Joanna Rutkowska], [David Litchfield], [Matthieu Suiche], [Dan Kaminsky], and [Jeremiah Grossman] ) so i was pretty flattered when they asked me..

My interview is up [here] complete with dodgy photo and embarrassingly bad answers..


  1. Sorry.. I have had a few emails (and tweets) pointing out that this interview is not currently live on the infosecinstitute site.
    It is not currently live, because i (and other researchers) requested that the interviews be removed. The infosecinstitute is currently involved in a legal tussle with the folks at corelan ( over plagiarism claims. (corelan material included in infosecinstitute courseware.)
    Plagiarism is a blight on this industry, and most of us requested that our interviews be removed until this matter is amicably resolved.


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