Alerts Come in Many Flavours

‪If you force people to jump through hoops to handle alerts, they’ll soon stop doing it 🤯‬
‪Canary optimizes for fewer alerts but we also ensure that you can handle alerts easily without us.‬ ‪So it takes just 4 minutes to setup a Canary but far less to pull our alerts into Slack‬.

By default, your console will send you alerts via email or SMS, but there are a few other tricks up its sleeve. It is trivial to also get alerts via webhooks, syslog or our API.

This post will show you how to get alerts into your Slack. The process is similar for Microsoft Teams and other messaging apps that use webhooks for integration. It’s quick, painless and super useful.

(This post is unfortunately now also bound to be anti-climactic – it’s going to take you longer to read this than to do the integration).

Did you know how easy this can be?

The Canary Console can integrate with Microsoft Teams and Slack in seconds and with a few more steps, can integrate with any other webhook-friendly platform. The process is similar for most platforms, but here’s how it looks for Slack.

  1. Enable Webhooks in your Canary Console settings.
  2. Click Add to Slack, choose the channel to drop alerts into and click Allow
  3. That’s it! You now have Canary alerts showing up in Slack. Elapsed setup time? About 30 seconds.

Now that you’ve got Canary alerts integrated into Slack, you can actually interact with them. When an alert shows up in Slack, you’re given an option to mark it as ‘seen’, which removes it from the queue of unacknowledged alerts.

You can even permanently delete it from inside Slack – no need to even log into the console. Here’s a peek at what the process looks like.

Why we’re so keen to get alerts out of the console

You’ve got enough consoles already. Heck, you may even have multiple “single panes of glass”. We’re not interested in adding our console to the already long list of security tools to check on a daily or hourly basis. We realise and deeply understand that it’s not about us, it’s about you. That’s why we make it so easy to pull Canary alerts into your existing workflows.

Live in Slack? We’ll alert you there.
Live on your phone? We’ll text you.
Live in Outlook? We’ll drop you an email.
Want all-of-the-above, just in case? We can do that too.

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  • Yeah! I can say that it really convenient, but I wonder why I haven't heard about it before. I think more people must know about Canary alerts. It is worth seeing. Thank you for sharing.

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