Paul Maylam Rhodes University mourns the passing of its alumnus Dr. Fatima Meer on Friday, 12 March 2010, following a stroke she suffered two weeks ago. She was aged 82. In 2007 Rhodes awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature to Fatima Meer: a courageous, selfless, independent-minded scholar-activist, never afraid to speak out and always ready to act on her words. She has been described as “a redoubtable fighter and doughty champion of the underclass”; as “dynamite in a

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The Passing on of a Legend..

On Friday my great-aunt passed away. She was an amazingly wonderful, warm lady who’s work and efforts have touched the lives of many. When you remember her as the soft spoken, self effacing granny figure at family functions, you tend to forget just how remarkable a person she was. Rhodes University published the following tribute penned by Paul Maylam. It’s the sort of tribute that makes you recognize the difference between regular people (like us) and legends like her.. The

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And now for something a little different…

Welcome to thinkst thoughts, my new blog home. There is a good chance you got here from the SensePost blog, where I’ve been pondering, posting & prognosticating for the past few years. Add us to your RSS reader.. (aka. the elevator pitch!) There is much broken in the info-sec industry, and there is much broken in general. There are answers waiting to be discovered, brand new questions waiting to be asked, and really important problems waiting to be worked on.

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