And now for something a little different...

Welcome to thinkst thoughts, my new blog home. There is a good chance you got here from the SensePost blog, where I've been pondering, posting & prognosticating for the past few years.

Add us to your RSS reader.. (aka. the elevator pitch!)

There is much broken in the info-sec industry, and there is much broken in general. There are answers waiting to be discovered, brand new questions waiting to be asked, and really important problems waiting to be worked on.

Thinkst Thoughts will be the home of such thoughts, tirades, tips, tricks and tech. tid-bits..

and so it begins...


PS. if you subscribe to the RSS feed, ill even promise to stop the annoying alliteration already..


  1. I'd say "First!!" but that wouldn't be quite accurate :>
    The blogosphere gets much more interesting...RSS updated ftw :>

  2. Haroon,
    Let it begin my friend. Get in the ring.

    Cheers on the new venture,
    -Daniel Clemens


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