If the NSA has been hacking everything, how has nobody seen them coming?

As the Snowden leaks continue to dribble out, it has become increasingly obvious that most nations  planning for "cyber-war" have been merely sharpening knives for what looks like an almighty gunfight. We have to ask ourselves a few tough questions, the biggest of which just might be: 

"If the NSA was owning everything in sight (and by all accounts they have) then how is it that nobody ever spotted them?”

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YABOTSB - Yet Another Blog on the Sony Breach ?

The Internet lit up last week over the (very public) hack of Sony Pictures. There has been no shortage of commentary on the hack, from wild accusations involving evil-nation-states, to 0-day malware more complex than STUXNET.

We believe that in all this noise, its easy to lose sight of some important lessons, and so tonight, we kicked out a ThinkstScapes Ad Hoc update on it.

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Weapons of Mass Distraction: Sock Puppetry for Fun & Profit

We presented at Hack in the Box Malaysia last week on research we have been doing for the past while on Sock Puppetry.
We will post more details on the research in upcoming posts, but for now, you can grab a copy of the slides [here]

[edit] Coverage of the talk on Digital News Asia : "Censorship 2.0: Shadowy forces controlling online conversations"
[edit] Coverage of the talk on the register : "Stop and Thinkst: Is that really the Most Popular story or did haxxors Bash it out?"

ThinkstScapes on Risky.Biz

We spent a bit of time on Patrick Grays excellent Risky.Biz this week, to talk about our ThinkstScapes service.

We have been running ThinkstScapes for about 4 years now, and (so far) have never had a cancellation yet. (We take this to mean that people generally like it!)

As part of the show, we gave away a free issue of the 2nd Quarter Research Roundup Issue for 2014. If you are not a subscriber, you can grab your [free copy here]*

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(Waaay overdue) 2013 - the year in review..

At the end of last year we did BlackHats 2013 year in review. It was a webcast (which means you are spared seeing our faces, but not from hearing our voices or seeing our slides).

Although its probably slightly dated, we think theres some value in it for those who didn't dial in. You can grab a copy of the slides in PDF here, and can watch the video below: (talk starts at 2m07s)

Ps. We know it's dreadfully late to post the content, and have no good excuse for it. A friend asked for a copy & we realised we never put it up here.. (we promise to to do better!)

What the Snowden leaks mean for South Africa

Our ITWeb Security Summit keynote this year covered the Snowden Leaks from a South African point of view. Our talk was based on ideas we articulated in an op-ed piece for Al Jazeera last year, titled: "Silicon Valley, spy agencies and software sovereignty"

ITWeb has already uploaded the video (Go ITWeb!) - Below you can grab a version of the video, with the slides added as an overlay (if nothing else, it makes the nasal voice more bearable)

"When we win, it is with small things, and the victory itself makes us small"

The video from the 44CON talk (A talk about (infosec) talks) we gave in September has been posted to YouTube.

You can grab the slides [here] | You can watch the video online [here]