A freshly etched MacBook Pro (Aka - Welcome Jameel!)

A quick note to Welcome Jameel Haffejee (email) to Thinkst.

Some of you might remember him as "the guy who did the Power Shell talk at Zacon2"..
(The talk was cool, but (in truth) I remember him as the guy that sponsored the coffee!)

Jameel has signed up as a Developer and future world-denter, so you should be reading more of him here soon.. Hello World!


  1. Congrats Jameel!

    It's going to be a busy, fun, crazy hell of a ride :>
    Look forward to seeing more from you here soon!


  2. I know its late but I've been in mourning :P

    Sure you guys know how lucky you are to have him there. Congrats to Jameel on his dream move into infosec!


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