Shameless (aka: iTried on the Mac App Store)

Shameless (aka- iTried on the Mac App Store)On January 6th, Apple launched their Mac App Store. Pundits have taken pretty polarizing views on the store, with some hailing it as a boon to indie developers (since they can (trivially) publish to a world stage without worrying about credit card transactions) while others say that this is yet another way for Apple to exert big brother type control.

I think it’s a healthy dose of both. As I mentioned in the past, Apple does have an amazing ability to create markets (and in the process, value) where there previously were none. Sure there were app developers before the iPhone App Store, but the question is: “How many smart phone apps did you buy before you got your iPhone?“. I had several smart phones before my iPhone, but never bought an app for any of them. Of course this does put Apple in an enviable position, with identities, credit cards and eyeballs of millions of customers.
A little while back I released iTried, a simple utility that uses the built-in iSight camera to take a picture of the person at the keyboard when the apple screensaver is disturbed. I figured it would be worth checking out the submission process (which was surprisingly painless and efficient). So today, you should be able to grab iTried from the Store..

Disclaimer: It’s exactly the same version i previously released online for free, and i don’t plan on retiring on the proceeds, so if you want a copy but don’t want to pay for it, just drop me an email.

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  • Ofcourse Apple have amazing features, iOS is a more secure operating system compare to other OS, it consists various technologies like Apple’s intense focus on ease of use, quality experience etc. Additionally, Apple has integrated theft prevention software into the operating system, which makes it easy to track where your iPhone goes if it's stolen, and impossible to wipe it or turn off the GPS tracker without entering your password.

  • Apple still have the ability to amaze the markets, just the thing is that the competition is more. Actually lots of app are being developed too, but all of them are not that good that they can reach to App store. As far as regarding to iTried, looks like a good application to have a perfect picture when the screen saver is disturbed.

  • Though apple have lot of more features for developers they are not open. They can maintain the standards for their development. but they are not open, to approve the app developed by any of our mobile app developers in Atlanta they took lot of time and rejected most of all. Need to be transparent in this. i do accept they maintain the level of high quality but not as transparent is not good to both developers and apple.

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  • Can anyone enterprise mobility platform monitor apps installed the Macs of employees?

  • I Agree with daniel. Though apple has many features that are awesome compare to others, still they are not open. Done a thing in apple is not that much easy. they are not allowing the third party apps until jailbreaks. Simultaneous app working in iPhone is not possible. Many iPhone app developers got rejected without clear information. Our orange949 app developers Tampa are experts in avoiding these issues and never rejected an app so for from the Appstore.

  • Apple have awesome features in the development. I am not sure apple rejected more apps developed by app developers. I tested iTried app in my macbook. Picture snaps and quality should be fine. Our Innoppl Inc app developers really got excited with this app.

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  • There are obviously lots of awesome features the apple company could add on top of primary improvements, but even the most primary of paid update routes would be an overall blessing for all developers.

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