ThinkstScapes (Quarter One Recap)

In February this year we launched ThinkstScapes as a Security Intelligence subscription service. It was originally aimed chiefly at adding context & clarity to newly published research and conference proceedings. The subscription also catered for periodic updates and commentary via “Ad Hoc” updates. We just wrapped Quarter-1, so figured a quick round-up of Q1 would make sense.

Interestingly the adhoc updates turned out to be quite popular with customers (forcing us to pay far more attention to them) and in 3 months we ended up distributing four of them. Our next Ad Hoc is currently in the oven, so should be hitting customer inboxes soon.
Subscribers so far have received:

  • HBGary, Anonymous & Lessons for the Rest of Us
  • PWN2OWN – What it Means to You
  • ComodoGate, SSL & Iran
  • Verizon DBIR-2011 & You
  • Quarter-1: Research & Conference Round Up

It’s been well received (and at just $8k per year we think it’s awesome value). If you are interested in the service, drop me an email ( and I’ll send through some of previous issues.

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  • Man, you are just Satanic :)8000/12=666,66666666666666666666666666667

  • Thanks for the Reference Sire. I should actually add a “Testimonials” section to the site..

  • The value here is almost indescribable..and at $8K is more of a giveaway than anything…Having read each and every ad hoc update, as well as the Q1 report, I can absolutely attest to the awesomeness and usefulness of this service, and would wholeheartedly recommend it to any security professional.Unless you have unlimited budget to attend conferences and all day to do nothing but keep up with what's going on in the industry, this is a must have. Even if you are in the aforementioned ideal situation, you still can't always attend all of the important stuff, and you'd definitely miss out on the benefit that years and years of top class experience and skill in the field bring to the interpretation of what's happening.Thank you for this awesome service../nick

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