Phish your company, before someone else does!

Today we are happy to release to the public:

Simply, Phish5 is Phishing as a service. It allows a fairly unsophisticated user to phish users in her organization, quickly, easily and from the comfort of her own browser.

Why would we do this ?

In the past year, a host of high profile news organizations were phished, and then publicly spanked. The attack that compromised the AP's twitter account [Verge] even led to a visible dip on the Dow.

If you talk to security folks, they will quickly dismiss Phishing attacks with a trite: "Educate your users"
Unfortunately, in any reasonably sized organization, this is not a trivial task & learning requires constant reinforcement. Phish5 exists to help with this.

A super short registration process, and users can enter a list of victims, create phishing mails, create phishing pages and track results. The whole process should take less than 5 minutes!

Phish5 means that you can track peoples behaviour changing over time.
  • Is Edward from HR just not getting it? (He seems to have been phished in the last 2 campaigns). 
  • Why does Edna always login to fake OWA pages?
Phish5 makes running campaigns, and monitoring them trivial for just $99. From user registration, to a running campaign in under 5 minutes.. Give it a spin, and give us feedback.. Like it reads: "Built with love"


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