Introducing our newest creation: Thinkst Canary!

Today we are super proud to bring you our newest creation: Thinkst Canary. We have been working on it for months and it feels really good to finally have it out there.. You can check it out at:

You can watch some of the thinking behind it here:

You can watch it in action here:

The videos were made with our early prototypes. The release birds are much much prettier!

We think its insane that organizations that spent millions of dollars on cyber security took months (or years) to realize that they were breached. We think Canary fixes this elegantly and manages to do this at a super reasonable price-point. We have spent ages adding features, stripping features and making it a pleasure to use.

Even on super complex networks, it takes just 5 minutes to get up and running (with enough time to make yourself a cup of coffee). With such a low rate of effort, we believe everyone should be running Canary. Please drop us an email ( if you have any questions at all on it.


  1. The second link under: "You can watch it in action here:" isn't rendering any video only audio.
    The first video was fine.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Dunsany..

      The short answer is: Yes.. it is..

      The (slightly) longer answer is: Its a honeypot that will actually be used/add value (since you are able to get quality results with just 3 minutes of setup).


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