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SaveMyVid was created during our 2018 HackWeek.
It’s goals are simple. I want to be able to tag/submit videos for watching, and then want them reliably stored somewhere (ideally on my iPad)
Once you have an account on, you are given an email address (like and a URL which is your personal podcast (like: http://d1cfc…
When you see a tweet with a video you want, or come across some video you are interested in, simply forward the link to your savemyvid address:
(i save the email address with a shorter name for easy sending)
Within 5 minutes, this video will show up on your private podcast. So.. Simply use the podcast app of your choice (even the native iOS podcast app works great) and aim it at your URL. 
You can set the app to auto-download new episodes, which essentially means that the next time you grab your device, its already got a local copy of the video downloaded.
SaveMyVid won’t be a commercial service, but since it works for me (and now for about a dozen of my friends) i’ll keep it running. If you want an account on it, mail me!

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