Default behaviour sticks (And so do examples)

Introduction We spend huge amounts of time sweating the details of our products. We want to remove all the friction we can from using them and want to make sure we never leave our users confused. To get this right, we do a bunch of things: we use simple language, we make extensive use of context-sensitive help and where it’s needed, we nudge users with illustrative examples. Recently we bumped into something that made us rethink our use of examples. Background

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Introduction The AWS API key Canarytoken is a perennial favourite on, and we’ve heard requests for a similar token for Azure. In this blog post, we introduce the Azure Login Certificate Token (aka the Azure Token) to Canarytokens.org1.  As with all tokens, you can sprinkle Azure tokens throughout your environment and receive high fidelity notifications whenever they’re used. Place one on your CTO’s laptop, or on every server in your fleet. When attackers breach that laptop, or servers, or

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A Kubeconfig Canarytoken

Introducing the new Kubeconfig Canarytoken A while back we asked: “What will an attacker do if they find an AWS API key on your server?” (We are pretty convinced they will try to use it, and when they do, you get a reliable message that badness is going on). Last month we asked: “What will an attacker do if they find a large MySQLDump file on your machine?” (We think there’s a good chance they will load it into a

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Canarytokens: Token Anything, Anywhere

InfoSec superstar (and long-time Canary fan) theGrugq recently mused on twitter about generating alerts when certain binaries are run on your hosts. We definitely think it has its uses, and we figured it would be worth discussing a quick way to make this happen (using the existing TL;DR: You can pass arbitrary data to a web-token allowing you to use it as a reliable, generic alerter of sorts. We often refer to our Web and DNS Canarytokens as our

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Introducing the Office 365 Mail Token

Shared passwords, sensitive documents: mailboxes are great targets for attackers. Would you know they were targeted? We’ve got your back! Our Office 365 token deploys to thousands of mailboxes in minutes and alerts you when someone is snooping around. Why an Office 365 Mail token? Enterprises have been flocking (ha) to Office 365 for years now and a large number of Thinkst customers are using it. The Canaries will detect attackers on their networks, but nothing lets them know if

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